1800s German Trade Instrument, Falsely Labelled "John Lister,1727"

1800s German Trade Instrument, Falsely Labelled "John Lister,1727"

Fascinating find, this battered old violin claims to be from 1727 Yorkshire but in fact has the characteristics of a ninteenth century German. It's certainly had a hard life, with wear and tear covering the varnish and even reaching the wood in some areas.

However, after a little work, this violin is as sturdy and hard working as it was the day it was made - in fact, with a new bass bar and modern setup, I think it sounds better now than it likely ever has done before. 


Perhaps not the instrument for you if you're looking for something elegant and clean, but if you're looking for a great little player with bags of personality, this violin is certainly worth a try. 


If you are interested in this instrument or another, please do get in contact with Jonathan via email or telephone. At this point we can arrange a no obligation testing session and see where we are. 

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    It's important to me that each person who comes to me leaves with something they're absolutely happy with. With this in mind, I work within a six month returns policy. If you find the instrument isnt behaving as you would hope but is still in the same condition it was sold in, just get back in touch. We can discuss options and try to isolate the problem, but if this turns out to be impossible, a full refund will be given.