2014, J Derbyshire, Titian Stradivari Model

2014, J Derbyshire, Titian Stradivari Model

The first violin I built, this instrument is full of potential. The oldest and most settled of my violins, it is a workhorse of an instrument giving an excellent balance of response. It has an astonishingly sweet tone and character while still maintaining very good projection. A fabulous all rounder instrument that would excell for a soloist or ensemble player. 

Like any newly built instrument, the violin will settle into its tone as time goes by and the wood relaxes, developing alongside its player.

This violin is a wonderful balancing act - a lovely, sweet voice balanced with excellent volume and playability. Extremely playable and versatile - a practical choice. 


If you are interested in this instrument or another, please do get in contact with Jonathan via email or telephone. At this point we can arrange a no obligation testing session and see where we are.

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    It's important to me that each person who comes to me leaves with something they're absolutely happy with. With this in mind, I work within a six month returns policy. If you find the instrument isnt behaving as you would hope but is still in the same condition it was sold in, just get back in touch. We can discuss options and try to isolate the problem, but if this turns out to be impossible, a full refund will be given. 

    Shipping is available within the UK but unfortunately not worldwide (yet!)

    If we ship your violin it will be protected to the very best of our abilities.