2016, J. Derbyshire Violin. Nicola Amati "Alard" Model

2016, J. Derbyshire Violin. Nicola Amati "Alard" Model

This violin is an especially interesting model, based on an instrument built by Nicola Amati in 1649. This extremely early model is a little smaller and more slight in body than the standard modern instrument, with powerfully curved arching and deep fluting. The back is made of extremely high quality english Sycamore, with strong flame. This gives the violin a very bold look and a different sound than the others I've made, and I'm extremely happy with the result.


With a smaller volume of air inside of the instrument and a more curved arch, this violin is a little softer than its brothers and sisters. However, I believe it makes up for the lacking in volume with an incredibly light and lovely personality. Its sound has been described as "meloncholy", and it seems to enchant whatever phrase is played upon it with a charming tone and a sensitive expression. This instrument has to be played to be experienced - it's possibly not an instrument for an aspiring soloist due to its limitations in volume, but it responds with a sweet and charming tone to any player. A unique, beautiful choice. 


If you are interested in this instrument or another, please do get in contact with Jonathan via email or telephone. At this point we can arrange a no obligation testing session and see where we are.

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    It's important to me that each person who comes to me leaves with something they're absolutely happy with. With this in mind, I work within a six month returns policy. If you find the instrument isnt behaving as you would hope but is still in the same condition it was sold in, just get back in touch. We can discuss options and try to isolate the problem, but if this turns out to be impossible, a full refund will be given. 

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