Beginner Violin Outfit

Beginner Violin Outfit

A beginner instrument outfit chosen by myself - designed and constructed by hand in China, using quality components and expert craftmanship. The instruments then recieve a professional setup on their entry to the UK with quality bridge hand cut, Pirastro Tonica String set and a full check on functionality and sound. 

The intention and conception of this outfit is that the instrument is the best it can possibly be for the price - costs have been saved as much as possible, meaning the case and bow are good, but the instrument is great. Quality materials and work paired with a professional setup mean you will be impressed with how much a beginner instrument can do. 

  • Returns

    If you find you're dissatisfied with your instrument in any way, first please do get in touch with us. If after a conversation we find there's no way of making you happier, we accept returns within the first six months assuming the instrument and accesories are in the same condition they were sold in.